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Tips & Tricks
Tips & Tricks
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If you believe we are going to teach you some secret tricks on how to make a jackpot, we will unfortunately disappoint you. The truth is that there are no secret tricks on how to crack a giant slot machine jackpot and anyone who wants to tell you something about it, or sell it, lies to you.

To understand how a gambling machine works, you only need to know that the winning combinations are created by a random number generator, that it is preprogrammed and can not be influenced, and that a gain or loss only depends on the player’s luck.

Nevertheless, there are some game machines tips and methods you should use to increase your chances of success and the fun of playing.

Tip 1- Set a limit on how much you want to lose before you rotate the rollers. Once you have reached this limit, stop playing and do not even think about chasing your losses by spending more money on the machines. This loss limit should not include your complete bankroll – leave a little money left so you can play another game or come back on another day.

Tip 2- Read the payouts of the various game machines before you start playing. Choose the game machine with the best payouts for the lower winning combinations.

Tip 3- Always search the game machines with the highest payout rates. These are different from game to game and casino to casino. If you do a little research, you will find game machines with payout rates between 96-98%.

Tip 4- Make it a habit to play with the money at the slot machines you first brought to the casino and do not use the money you won. If you follow this rule, you will always leave the game machine with some money.

Tip 5- Always place the maximum bet (maximum coin number and maximum number of paylines) when you gamble on a progressive slot machine. This is the only way to get the maximum profit (the entire progressive jackpot) and not much less. If you can not afford to do so, choose a cheaper progressive game machine.

Tip 6- Always take part in the different loyalty programs of the casinos. It does not cost you anything and you can earn great prizes and get extra money back if you do not always win.

Tip 7- It’s much cheaper for beginners to have game machines that have three or four reels. If you play on more machines with more reels, you should have reached a slightly higher bankroll.

Tip 8- Although there is no guarantee that a player will win more when he is playing a higher-betting machine, it is true that game machines with higher stakes will pay more money in the long term. Nevertheless, you should only play on game machines you can afford to do. Therefore, plan ahead of the game how long you will be playing and how much you can lose, and figure out what the maximum bet per turn for your purse is.

Tip 9- Enter your bankroll into the scheduled betting sessions. For example, if you want to gamble for 3 days, and have spent € 900 on it, you should spend € 300 on each session. Do not waste the won money and you will be amazed at how much money you will be taking home with. In the worst case, you will go home without your € 900.

Tip 10- Even if you have not reached your loss limit, but the game machine you are playing is frustrating and annoying, you should leave this game machine, take a break and then try another game machine or even a different game. Do not forget that game machines should be fun. If you have fun gambling, you will not regret it if you have not won as much as you have hoped.

Tip 11 – Enter a profit limit. This means that you will stop playing if you have won a certain percentage of your bankroll. Many players are of the opinion that you should stop playing at a slot machine after you have won 100% of your bankroll (so after you have twice as much to take home as you had in the beginning, before entering the casino). Do not allow yourself to be greedy.

Tip 12 – Most importantly: gamble to have fun. If you gamble to make money, so you can pay your bills, you will most likely be disappointed. Worse, this attitude can lead to gameplay. Never forget that playing in the online casino has only the purpose of the entertainment. If you win, it’s a nice bonus!

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