Learning Online Casino Slot Rules

Learning Online Casino Slot Rules
Learning Online Casino Slot Rules
Online slot rules can be divided into two categories. One relates to the payouts in the main game, the other to the rules for bonuses. All players should be aware of the rules of bonuses and understand the differences as they may vary from game to game. However, the rules for the main game are usually not read. New players never take the time to look at these rules and understand them since they know that the payouts are automatically calculated by the software. Regular players know this and see for this reason no need to read this. The rules of the game must always be present for each game due to the completeness, in order to be able to rule out possible disputes later in the run-up. The game rules can be displayed via the payout table. Although it is not necessary to check the payout table, you should definitely look at it and understand it. This article explains some of the most common game rules in detail.

All symbols are from left to right
Payouts are usually distributed when three or more identical symbols appear on an active profit line. However, these symbols can not appear anywhere on the payline. They must appear on the first and the successive rollers. Example: Four equal symbols allow you to pay out when the icon on roller 1, 2, 3 and 4 appears on an active payline. This is the default rule for most slots. For some slots, the symbols must be arranged from left to right, other slots also pay in the reverse order.

Payouts Payouts are multiplied by the wager per payline
The set amount per profit line is the product of the coin value and the number of coins used per profit line. This rule specifies the profit amount when a winning combination appears on an active profit line. If the payout table indicates a payout of 500 and the stake is € 2 per profit line, the player wins € 1,000.

Scatter symbols on each position
Scatter symbols are special symbols that do not have to appear from left to right on an active payline. If two scatter symbols allow a payout, they can appear at any reel position.

Scatter wins are multiplied by the total bet
The total bet is the bet per profit line x Number of profit lines activated. If two scatter symbols appear on the reels and the pay table defines a payout of 5 and the total bet is € 40, then the player wins € 200.

Scatter wins are added to the payline payouts
If a player has a certain winning combination on an active profit line and also the required number of scatter symbols, then both wins are calculated independently and then added as a total gain.

Wins on different paylines are added
Assuming a symbol in the first row of the first roll is part of the winning combination in win lines 1 and 2, then the wins for both winning lines are calculated independently and then added together.

Maximum profit only for a selected profit line
A certain symbol would allow for a payout if three or more of them appear from left to right on an active profit line. Let us assume that five of these symbols would appear on an active profit line. The player then has three, four, and five such on each one of the activated profit lines. However, it is not paid out for all three combinations, but only for the highest of the winning combinations.

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